The community building houses three main tenants, namely the Braddell Heights Community Club (BHCC), the Serangoon Neighbourhood Police Post (SNPP), and the Singapore National Wu-Shu Federation (SNWF).

To resolve the complex programmatic functional requirements of the Client, a simple building plan form was conceived by placing the buildings on the envelope of the site with a plaza space within. This also presents a clear circulation and visual route in the building without compromising the integrity and security of each individual user.

Careful manipulation of the scale and proportion of the building blocks, the insertion of a public plaza within coupled the meticulous attention to detailing of certain elements like the window sills, entrance glass canopies and tempered glass louvers further heightens the sense of importance in this building as a focal point in the community infusing it with a civic identity and a sense of place for the residents.

The strategy of the interior design undertaken was to complement the exterior building language with a clear expression of the different vibrant functions in the rooms. This was achieved by the careful manipulation in the use of stainless steel, maple, teak veneer wall cladding and colorful fabric paneling.

Client: People’s Association

Construction Cost: $10.5 Million

Completion Date: 13 December 2001