The Punggol Community Club is designed to reflect the vibrancy and youth of the nation. The building comprises of a “U”-shaped plan with a “facility” block straddling tranversely across the site and a multi-purpose hall on one wing and an office block on the other. The “U” plan configuration creates a central open space where the basketball & sepak takraw courts are located. A pedestrian bridge & music room straddles across the ‘court’ creating an exciting visual intervention.

The architecture of the building is generated appropriately by the complexity & vibrancy of the spaces resulting from the fusion of rectilinear activity rooms and the curvilinear circulatory nodes. A constant interplay of solid & void is experienced along the various facades as circulatory nodes & spaces are experienced and highlighted by “punched-out” screen wall & openings. The end result is a highly articulated & sculptured building and the use of bright colours heightens the vibrancy & visual excitement.

Awarded Honourable Mention is SIA 1995 Architectural Design Awards.

Client: People’s Association

Construction Cost: $5 Million

Completion Date: 31 July 1995