This additions and alterations work is in line with the Ministry of Education’s PRIME 2 Schools Upgrading Programme. The upgrading works offers an opportunity to reorganize the school to create a Progression of Spaces from the public to the private as one enter the school to allow visitors to orientate themselves as the move within and experience the space of the school but also for the school authority to define the ‘public’ area from other paces where visitor are allowed.

A new Entrance Porch is designed and added to give the school a grand ‘Front Façade’ which currently lacking in existing school.

A double volume Concourse is created after the Entrance Porch to heighten the sense of arrival to the school.

The existing school structure, a building of courtyard type, will be retained, renovated and extended to accommodate the new Administrative and Staff Offices, Library, Special Teaching Rooms and 16 classrooms that are bigger according to the Specifications.

A new 4-storey Classroom Wing is added to the existing block to house 32 classrooms.

The Existing Canteen and Hall are extended to meet the new spatial requirement.

Client: St. Hilda’s Primary School

Construction Cost: $11.6 Million

Completion Date: April 2003